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StackLake Ltd

The expert in embedded systems software development.

Contact information

StackLake Ltd
Laivakatu 13 C
65100 VAASA

FI VAT Number: 2968076-7
Phone: +358 40 527 5470
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What we do

StackLake is the expert in embedded systems software development. Our main focus is on Linux-based platforms, but are also comfortable with traditional microcontrollers. Depending on the customer case, we can also carry out other software engineering work.

Prototype testing of a microcontroller product with self-developed test system

What we can

Working over 10 years in the electronics business has provided good oversight on embedded systems, including testability (factory production testing and PQ), documentation and sane product lifecycle decisions. When we face problems, we take firm action towards resolve.

Microcontroller PWM generation discontinuity

In the following we have listed some of our competences:

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Routines for embedded systems timer functionality

In case you got interested about our services, drop us a line. Contact information is in the beginning of the page.

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